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Friday, January 7, 2011

Why Opt for Private Student Loan Consolidation?

Has your private college loan debts piled up?

This could be a problem especially if you are a new graduate freshly thrust into the real world. You might find it really tough managing all your loan repayments and you may even end up not being able to pay on time and this can result to really ugly circumstances.

Why not go for private student loan consolidation?

Debt consolidation can significantly lower your monthly payments so you can breathe easier. Aside from this, you don't have to worry about dealing with multiple creditors, you only answer to your consolidator.

So what's great about student loan consolidation?

1. Affordable monthly payments make way for other important expenses, bill payments, savings, etc.

2. There is a chance your interest rate gets lowered if you have an impressive credit score

3. You can lock-in on a fixed low interest rate

4. Your payment term can be shortened if you are able to pay more than your monthly dues

5. Debt consolidation can improve your credit rating

6. No pre-payment penalties

7. Excess payments go directly to principal

What if you can't pay your monthly dues?

In case of economic hardships, you can apply for payment deferment. Also, if you are an intern or resident in a hospital, your payment may be deferred for up to 48 months. If you are active in the military, your deferment period lasts for as long as 36 months.

Undergrad borrowers who have chosen student loan consolidation are allowed up to 25 years repayment period at the lowest possible rate and graduate borrowers can pay up to 30 years.

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Why Use a Student Loan Consolidation Calculator?

When considering going for a student loan consolidation, you must first calculate your consolidated interest rate so you can better determine if this option is the best one for you.

Money is indeed tight these days and having to pay multiple college loans every month can really stretch one's budget to the limit, often budget isn't even enough.

If you have a lot of educational loans then consolidating them might be your best choice. There are a lot of free student loan consolidation calculators you can check online that can help you decide.

What do you get from debt consolidation?

The main advantages of combining all your debts into one include:

• Reduced monthly paperwork
• Reduced monthly payments
• Fixed interest rates offered on many consolidation loans
• Consolidation loan interest is tax deductible
• Extended payment period

What are the uses of a consolidation calculator?

• A consolidation calculator is a tool that computes the weighted average of all your current loans that you are trying to combine. Knowing your consolidated interest rate is essential so you can determine if you are getting the right consolidation program that lets you save more on monthly payments.
• A consolidation calculator will also calculate how much you currently owe and how much you could save by consolidating all your college loans into one neat package
• Government debt consolidation calculators even provide information about applying, what happens when you're still in school as well as how you can repay after graduation
• Student loan consolidation calculator sites also offer consolidation for private and federal college loans, Stafford loans, Plus loans, income contingent repayment plan calculator, standard, extended and graduated repayment plan calculator, etc.

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Student Loan Consolidation - Making Educated Decisions

Isn't it hard enough for a fresh graduate nowadays to find a good job after school?

And what is more, if you have a whopping amount of college debt, this problem is even harder to bear.

If your debts piled up because of multiple college educational debts, you may want to consider student loan consolidation.

What are the benefits of opting for a college debt consolidation program?

Many new graduates with various types of college debts will almost always find it hard to keep up with their monthly payments to different lenders. There is also the problem of keeping track of all these debts.

Consolidating your college debts will ease these problems for better debt repayment management in more affordable monthly payments. Also, many available programs that consolidate debts today offer much lesser interest rates than typical banks and credit cards would so debtors can save more. Since borrowers have to worry about only a single payment each month, debt management becomes very easy. If a borrower pays more than his monthly dues, then this will shorten the payment term.

How to choose the right consolidation program for your college debts?

Since there are a lot of options to choose from, it is always recommended to make some careful comparisons. There are some consolidation lenders that are actually more flexible than others so shop around before settling on one.

Other things to consider are:

• The lender's interest rate and terms
• Are there any penalties for early debt repayments?
• Are there any borrower's incentives included with the program?

Student loan consolidation is indeed a big help to many fresh graduates with debt repayment problems.

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What You Need to Know About Private Student Loan Consolidation

For students who are in colleges or universities, many cannot avoid having student loans to support their studies. Many students are not qualified to receive central government financial aid to support their fees for higher education and "private student loans" are always the easier solutions. Like any loans, student loan is a kind of debt which has the interest. How can the students pay back their student loans during economy crisis? And the answer is consolidating their multiple private student loans to relieve the financial burden.

Is the private student loan consolidation good? Of course yes, because it is combining all previous student loans into one manageable loan to make it easier for the students to pay the debts. When your loans are consolidated, you don't need to pay multiple loans every month. You only have a single loan to pay and this makes it less confusing and troublesome.

Another reason why the private student loan consolidation is appealing is that it can considerably reduce your monthly payment and lower interest rate. It also presents students a fixed monthly interest that is usually lower than the interest rates of their previous loans, because interest rates these days are decreasing. It can easily help you to reduce your monthly payments up to 50% depending on the interest rates, so you can pay less interest cost and save more money.

In addition, typically the consolidation extends repayment period and gives the students more time to pay their debts. This also helps students lower the monthly payment because of longer repayment term of their loans. This is very good thing so that the students will not feel pressured to make monthly payment on time.

Lastly, when obtaining the consolidation loan, students usually get better offers. For instance, they may be able to receive no prepayment penalties, so all payments in excess of scheduled payments go directly to principal. This way, the consolidated loan can be paid off early without repercussion.

At the same time as the private student loan consolidation gives also a lot of advantages, and there is also a negative side to it. For instance, if you decide to consolidate your loans and extend the repayment period, it will result in an "increases in general total amount paid" although it will lower your monthly payments. In addition, the interest rate of the consolidation loan is based on one's credit history, so it can result in an even higher interest rate than the previous loans. And students may have to pay costly fees (as much as 5 percent of the loan amount) for obtaining such loan consolidation from some lenders. Therefore one should consider all the pros and cons and shop around carefully.

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Student Loans Made Easier

If you are a student and you just found out that you have been accepted at a very prestigious university, but don't have enough money to pay for it, then you should not be too sad, as student loans are very easy to get. Most students will never have the money to pay for their studies and that is why loans for students will make this problem go away in a snap.

Parents might also feel very stressed and burdened with their own lives and problems and if you are not the only one in the family who will be attending a faculty, then you can surely begin to understand their worries a little better. And that is the reason school loans exist, so that you will relieve the stress off their minds.

At the news we are hearing almost every day that when it comes to the education, the costs will increase a lot and this is why it is vital for a student to get his or her college financial aid planning considered before even attending the faculty of his or her choice.

By asking for community college financial aid you will definitely get to have a lot of positive responses from the right institutions and you will never have to worry about the scenario in which you will not be attending college, because you don't have enough money to pay for it.

There are also some things that you will have to keep in mind when you will contract such loans. Thus, the first thing that you should do is to keep a good eye on the overdrawn accounts and make sure that you will keep the interest rate at the lowest possible. Also, you will have to deal with a lot of papers when you will try to get a loan, so make sure that you will store them all in one place and that they will be organized, so that when you will need them, you will have no hard time in finding them. Every 6 months, review them and throw away the ones that you don't need anymore.

Also, there are some students out there who will have to consider getting student loans with bad credit. These bad credit student loans will be harder to get and there will not be many banks that will be too happy to provide them for you. If you are in such a situation, make sure to work in holidays and consider your lifestyle. You will be able to save up some good money if doing so and repair your bad credit score.

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Some Great Loan Consolidation Tips For Students

Student loan consolidation can turn out to be a good repayment option for you. Why? If you owe a good amount of education loan, you may find it somewhat difficult to repay your debt taken from all those lenders more so when you are still an entry level worker. However, with the luck you may secure a good and paying job after your graduation thus paying off your debts at a much faster rate.

However, to be on the safer side, you can try the following tips which can be useful to you in case you wish to go in for the student loan consolidation. Now what are these?

* You must follow any debt consolidation results in lowering your monthly installments and the interest rates as well, but this will also extend the payment term and you will most probably end up paying much more than you owe.

* It is not an intelligent move to consolidate any of your federal loans with the private loans as you can lose the federal loan benefits.

* You should ascertain if the consolidation of your student loan will result in the variable or fixed rate.

* Determine beforehand if there is any pre-payment penalties when you consolidate the private loans.

* When you are consolidating the federal loans, usually there is no fee involved.

* If the original lender waived your fee, then you must now determine whether you will have to return that fee when you start consolidating with some other lender.

* Thoroughly compare all the benefits which are provided by your present lender with the ones which will be provided by your consolidation lender.

* If you are planning to go back to the college, it is very important to know if the private loans are consolidated, they won't let you defer the payments but the federal loans which are consolidated do allow you to defer the payments.

• There are some other repayment options as well apart from the student loan consolidation. You must check your eligibility for the loan forgiveness which you can easily avail by first working in some organizations or some fields of work.

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Easy Ways to Repay Your Student Loan Debts

Are your college loan debts making it hard for you to cope with the real world?

Being a fresh graduate trying to earn for your own keep can be tough if you also have to repay your student loan debts. This is your obligation and any way, you wouldn't have made it through college without these loans however it shouldn't take too much of your life, right?

Then how can you repay your student loan debts without all the stress?

Here a few helpful tips.

- Switch to an Extended repayment plan. This will extend the repayment period up to 25 years so that your monthly payment is lowered.
- If you are thinking about going back to school, you can postpone your repayment by deferring. Federal loans allow this.
- If you are experiencing some economic difficulty or if you can't find a stable job, you can apply for payment forbearance.
- You may consolidate your loans. This will combine all your loans into one so you only worry about one payment each month. Also, you can lower your monthly payment to as low as half of the original cost. You can also lock in to a fixed low interest rate. Just don't consolidate government loans with private loans.
- Volunteer for the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps. These organizations have programs for lowering your college loan debts.
- Work in underserved communities as a teacher, lawyer or doctor to be a candidate for loan forgiveness.

When you have decided on how to repay your student loan, set to work and stick with your plan. This is as sure as drawing a straight line from where you are now to achieving your main goal of clearing off your debt.

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